Why Hire a CFO?

No time to plan for your business future?

A CFO can accelerate your business 

Are you spending so much time capturing and reporting past financial data that you have no time to plan for the future? Are cash flow issues keeping you up at night?  Do you need additional funding?

A CFO can resolve these issues and many more. As a key member of your executive team, the CFO has primary fiduciary and financial responsibility for the organization. This includes providing financial strategy, analysis and flawless execution to ensure the well-being of your business.

Tracking and reporting financial data

In addition to ensuring that financial reporting is accurate and timely, the CFO implements accounting systems, financial controls and policies and procedures.

Analyzing current financial condition

The CFO ensures that adequate capital is available to support the ongoing needs of the organization. They advise on the best mix of debt, equity and internal financing. They oversee risk management, ensuring that there is adequate insurance coverage.  They hire and train the finance and accounting staff, and manage outside relationships with independent accounting, tax and legal advisors.

    Planning for the future 

    The CFO works with the CEO and Board of Directors to provide financial insight and help design business strategy. They develop and implement forecasting tools to predict and measure business performance and facilitate the preparation of annual operating plans.  And they work closely with the CEO and Board to develop exit strategies and succession plans.

      No matter what your company size, you can benefit from the skills and expertise of an experienced CFO. Can’t afford one? SF Bay CFO provides these services on an affordable interim or part-time basis. We help our clients increase cash flow, sustainable growth and company value.

        Let SF Bay CFO Manage the Numbers

        Members of SF Bay CFO are independent consultants who are committed to maintaining the highest level of service, integrity and ethical standards.