Analysis Strategy Execution

At SF Bay CFO, our commitment is to accelerate your business through a trifecta of analysis, strategy, and execution. We believe in more than just looking at numbers; we ask the tough questions, facilitating crucial decisions that drive your business forward. Our team, consisting of independent consultants, upholds the highest standards of service, integrity, and ethics, ensuring your business growth is underpinned by trust and expertise.


Our Services

Business Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your business through our comprehensive business analysis service. We roll up our sleeves, examining all facets to identify areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

  • Financial analysis
  • Operations review
  • Gross profit optimization
  • Risk management

Business Strategy

Craft a roadmap for success with our strategic planning services. From financial planning to establishing pricing policies, we tailor strategies that align with your business objectives and industry landscape.

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial planning
  • Establishing pricing policies
  • Developing long-term exit strategies and plans

Plan Execution

Bring your plans to life with our plan execution services. From hiring and training finance professionals to managing relationships with external advisors, we ensure the seamless execution of your business goals.

  • Cash management
  • Working capital management
  • Raising capital
  • Financial reporting and controls
  • Financial forecasting
  • Hiring and training finance and accounting staff
  • Administering stock option issuance and tracking
  • Managing outside relationships with independent accounting, tax, and legal advisors

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